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HM-430 Metal highlights machine

HM-430 Metal highlights machine

HM-430 chooses excellent Delta/ Bao yuan servo motor as a driving force,and goes with Taiwan PMI / Silver imported grinding high accuracy C3 grinding ball screw and guide rail, can do the three-dimens

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HM-430 Metal highlights machine is special CNC machine tool equipment used for precision metal parts processing and mobile phone parts processing. After the fine mechanical design, high quality parts and control system, HM-430 is a professional equipment used for metal, alloy of mobile phone, electronic products, metal parts, metal crafts and high precision metal parts production.

Product Introduction
HM-430 chooses excellent Delta/ Bao yuan servo motor as a driving force,and goes with Taiwan PMI / Silver imported grinding high accuracy C3 grinding ball screw and guide rail, can do the three-dimensional cutting for aluminum sheet, stainless steel, ABS, PVC, epoxy resin, synthetic stone and other materials. Applicable to high light, panel chamfering, cutting, trimming for mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, DVD, PDA and other products, also can be used for processing of palm, signs, models, relief, fixture and so on.

Common Name
HM-430 highlights machine
HM-430 Mobile phone highlights machine
HM-430 Metal highlights machine
HM-430 CNChighlights machine

Application industry

Huaxin HM - 430 highlights machine is professional CNC machine tool equipment used for metal highlights processing, widely used in mobile phones OEM and spare parts production, metal processing, handicraft processing and other industries. HM-430 owns the accuracy one level higher than ordinary CNC cutting equipment, stable and efficient, a good assistant of production enterprises.

Application scenarios

HM-430 highlights machine is metal highlights professional equipment, can be used for metal parts production of mobile phone and 3 c electronic products. Also can be applied for processing of cell phone metal button, open the key, the volume button, sim card slot, camera lens metal outer ring.

In the field of family decoration, can be used in processing of high-grade locks, windows and metal parts.Can be used for metal crafts sculpture, specular chamfering processing. By using different tools, it  can also be used for cutting, drilling and tapping for alloy, aluminum, stainless steel parts with good accuracy and high efficiency.

Characteristics of the equipment
1.Main structure of Machine tool: adopt high quality marble, good effect of shock absorption ,not affected by temperature, high machining accuracy, perfect stability when high speed running.

2.Major parts: High precision of silver grinding ball screw (0.008/300), Taiwan high precision linear P level guide , Delta/Baoyuan servo motor, Taiwan frequency converter, Japan high-precision electrical accessories of Omron/Chengtai/Delixi, Delta/Bao yuan carving control system, 40000 turn high speed rotating shaft.

3.Control software: Chinese interface, running under WINDOWS system, can receive standard 3 d G code format and HP PLT and Type3 CAXA CAD format, can directly accept Cimatron, MasterCAM, UG, etc all kinds of original post processing, can also connected with 2d design software such as AUTOCAD, Core/DRAW , it also has 3 d dynamic display tracking, automatic knife, jump for execution (breakpoint memory function, easy and quick operation.

4.Lubricating systems: the screw on the machine tool, the precision of guide rail and other key parts are equipped with oil, manual control of the oil supply, working state can be maintained.

5.Dustproof system: precision machine tools on the screw, guide rail and other key parts have dustproof accessories, dust protection well.

6.Projection alarm function: power over-voltage and under-voltage protection alarm function . Servo motor, inverter and other protection alarm function.

7.The knife system: Automatic and manual operation both available.



Main Spindle speed


Numerical control system

Delta/Baoyuan system

Quantity of main spindle

1 set

Shape Dimension


Spindle chuck


Server system

Delta/Baoyuan servo motor

Spindle power






Triaxial working stroke 


The rated voltage


System resolution


Worktable load


positioning accuracy


Height can be loaded


Repeat positioning accuracy


Maximum power of the machine


Three-axis verticality


Machine weight


Maempty walking speed


Maximum processing speed